Season Opening
Bienvenue dans notre cabane !
05. März

There are the children’s cabane*, made of chairs and sheets. The neighbour’s cabane, in the trees. There are the unusual ones that you rent to feel on vacation. Those where you get naked, at the beach. And then those in the gardens, which punctuate the aligned plots. The ones we see in the forest and the ones we look for in the mountains. Those where fishermen and hunters are always absent, and those too present on the edge of cities. Those seasonal ones we don’t talk about and those temporary ones, standing in a fallen landscape. And then those made of words, which protect a thought. There are those we allow and those we ignore. Those we abandon, those we move and those we destroy. A cabane, is to live in, to occupy but differently. It’s taking a place, positioning oneself. Being outside but inside. It’s filling, having, and therefore belonging. The cabane is a game, a refusal and a refuge. It does not belong to any place, but is built from what surrounds it. The cabane takes shape thanks to its occupants.
Our cabane has no wall but a roof, our cabane is transparent, our cabane is an interstice, our cabane is a binder, our cabane is safe, our cabane is solid, our cabane is shaky, our cabane is built, our cabane is hybrid, our cabane is determined, our cabane is a gesture, our cabane is an exchange, our cabane is an answer, our cabane is a question, our cabane is polyglot, our cabane is cosmopolitan, our cabane is local, our cabane is private, our cabane is public, our cabane is filled, our cabane is empty, our cabane accuses, our cabane celebrate, our cabane is a meeting, our cabane lives the possibilities.

*cabane (french word): hut / cabin / shack

Cabane B team, 2021


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Special thanks to all the participants: Baptiste Gaillard, Ahmad Motalaei, Nadia Leohnard, Hanadi El Nahas, Dorian Sari, Marina Skalova, Jeanne Spaeter, Ilmars Stern, Helen Utterström, Otto Wenger, Jeanne and the anonymous ones.


Remote opening: Friday 5th March 2021

On occasion of the season’s opening, the new team – Caroline Bourrit, Maude Queloz, Alanah Rüttimann – and the co-hosts of the season are cooking and celebrating, in a « covid-friendly » way.
Find out the result on Saturday 6th of March on our different platforms.


Stay tuned!